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On this page I want to attach links, files and various programs that lend themselves to feeling good about our country and the beliefs commonly associated with rural life. Most of us are here because we feel that way. If you find something here offensive or out of line please feel comfortable letting me know. I have no particular ownership of any item here and most can be easily removed.

Likewise if you are an owner of a particular file or do not want a link to your site from here, please also let me know. I have not knowingly violated your copyright and will quickly remove any connection after you have told me. Better yet; Let me share these with people and give you proper credit. So please, enjoy if you can and take nothing personal.

President's Day Video       Space Views of Earth - Power Point File

Life as a Train Ride - Power Point

Beautiful America                          Sand Fantasy

Country Roads - John Denver - Power Point File

Alaskan Railway - Patsy Cline - Power Point

The Wise Old Man - Power Point File

I Believe - Power Point File

Animals - Wild & Domestic - Power Point

Four Elements - Power Point

Humorous MP3 File     Red Skelton's Pledge

A Tribute to our Flag - Elvis Presley

Old America Pictures-Power Point File

45 Lessons in Life - Power Point File